WellTech Resources was a key partner in a project to roll out a new well operations reporting tool to nearly 400 users in 3 business units. The primary project objective was to deploy a daily reporting system which could operate standalone in the field, disconnected from the corporate network, and sync data back to the main office. WellTech support enabled a successful implementation of OpenWells by:

  • Developing a solution to ensure that IT infrastructure was capable of supporting OpenWells bidirectional sync processes in all locations.
  • Performing testing to aid in optimizing Citrix performance for users in the field and office
  • Evaluating and redesigning a working IT field support model for all business units

WellTech Resources provided business experts, classroom and field trainers, and field and IT support services. The project was delivered on time and under budget. The success rate and acceptance among users was extremely high as a result of effective team work, targeted training materials, classroom training, and one-on-one onsite support.

After the successful deployment of OpenWells to the drilling, completions, and well services functional groups, WellTech Resources was contracted extend the project scope. Our team was constructed to map workflow processes and design and deploy OpenWells to the additional functional groups facilities construction, civil construction, pipeline, and compressor stations.

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